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Horseco Heal Hydrogel Case Study

Innovative Biotechnology | Tangible Wound Care Results


The results produced by Horseco Health's chitosan-based wound & skin care product line are speaking for themselves. As the first new technology in the equine industry to treat wounds and skin disease introduced in years, Horseco Heal is the perfect solution for equine caretakers that deal with ailments such as abrasions and wounds, skin disease, rain rot, cracked heels, dermatitis after blistering and other similar conditions. 

Hydrogel Case Study: 

Trainer: Jeff Nisonger (Southern Ohio Based Harness Trainer)  

Horse: Two Year-Old Standardbred Filly

Location: Lebanon Raceway Training Facility

Circumstance: While out for light training the horse spooked and subsequently ran into a metal gate opening up two large wounds. Suturing was attempted but given the size and location of the wounds those efforts were unsuccessful.  The trainer initially felt the injury could be career ending  (see pictures above)

Treatment: In an effort to heal the respective wounds, barn staff utilized Horseco Heal Hydrogel extensively three times per day.   Regular wound cleansing in conjunction with the utilization of the Horseco Heal Hydrogel took place for over four weeks.

Results: Within 30 days significant healing had taken place with no resulting infection (see pictures above)

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