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Horseco Heal Wound Care Hydrogel | 12oz


Horseco Heal Wound Gel 12oz

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Horseco Heal Wound Care Hydrogel | 12oz

Developed for use in human practice wound treatment, Horseco Heal’s chitosan-based technology is now available for use by equine professionals in treating horse wounds and skin disease.

Producing far superior results in eradicating common bacteria when independently tested against competing products, Horseco Heal is perfect for the treatment of abrasions and wounds, skin disease, rain rot, cracked heels, dermatitis after blistering

Using technology developed for use in the treatment of human wounds, including products used extensively by the U.S military for in-combat wound treatment, Horseco Heal is shown to dramatically promote healing, reduce bleeding (hemostatic) and provide antimicrobial properties.

Best of all, Horseco Heal’s ingredients are safe for equine use, are ingestible and contain no antibiotics, alcohol, iodine or bleach.

Effective for the Treatment of:

– lacerations
– deep wounds
– punctures
– cracked heels
– sores
– irritations

Ingredients: Chitosan, Chlorhexidine, Acetic Acid, Water

Made in the U.S.A.